As a person who absolutely loves the summer, I am certainly not one to rush into fall...aka, pumpkin spice season.

However, it seems as though I am in the minority here. People tire of heat and humidity quickly and before you know it, everyone is wishing for fall. With fall, comes pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. I like fall, not as much as summer of course, but it's a nice season...but I just cannot get on board with pumpkin spice! The smell is fabulous, the taste, meh, not so much.

I also think the pumpkin spice craze is a bit shops and restaurants totally overdue it with the pumpkin spice! I've tried pumpkin spice coffee a number of times, hoping to like it, but nope, it's just not tasty. Maybe the smell and taste of pumpkin spice just gets people thinking about the pretty leaves and apple and pumpkin picking, Halloween activities, etc. I guess it's kind of how I feel about lemonade in the summer, or iced coffee's just a nice beverage to go along with the season.

So, maybe you're thinking, when the heck can I get my hands on some pumpkin spice EVERYTHING? Ahh, well, much sooner than you'd think. Even though summer is *officially* over at the end of September, you can get your pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks starting August 25th. That's 11 days from now. In 11 days, it's certainly not fall, it won't even be September yet! I'm not sure when other coffee chains are releasing their pumpkin spice coffees, but I'm sure it's right around the same time...

If we could wait until at least Labor Day to unleash the force that is the pumpkin spice latte, that would be great. Please, stop rushing my summer away!

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