There is pumpkin everything these days, including pizza.

On a rare date night with my husband I discovered that even pizza isn't immune from the fall pumpkin craze.

I now believe there is literally pumpkin everything.

And though I didn't actually try it myself, the pumpkin pizza sounded pretty darn good.

Siena Restaurants in Rhode Island have been serving up pumpkin pizza for several years now, but it was certainly new to me when I saw it on the specials menu this past weekend.

When you read about it, it sounds delicious.

A grilled pizza topped with roasted sugar pumpkin, chestnut puree, mascarpone & mozzarella cheese, dates and fig puree. A sweet, cheesy concoction I'd assume.

And it is a beloved menu item. People were very excited for it's return to the menu from the comments I saw on their sugar pumpkin roasting video.

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Getting ready for one of this weekend”s special in PVD. Pumpkin Pizza. #pumpkin #pizza #siena

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But despite the reviews and intriguing description, I just couldn't bring myself to try it.

Not that I don't like to try new things, but I so rarely get to go out to eat with my husband these days I really wanted to make sure I ordered something I knew I liked.

So I whimped out and never got this pizza.

Perhaps you are a braver soul than I am. Or maybe you are just all about pumpkin everything this fall and trying pumpkin pizza would just make your seasonal food list complete.

But if you do want to try one, they are on the menu time and again each fall at all three Siena locations in Rhode Island. Providence, Smithfield and East Greenwich.

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