I didn't think we'd ever have to address a fake Sharknado situation, but here we are because the internet is a weird and wild place. 

I have not (and will not) watch Sharknado. I can't think of anything more ridiculous than a "scary" movie that is set around sharks flying around in a tornado. But it is my sincere hope that everyone who watched that movie or even heard of it, 1,000% recognized that it was an entirely fake scenario. Sharks CANNOT fly around in the air.

That hope was crushed when I saw people sharing a photo from Break Your Own News and actually taking it seriously. This site lets you enter your own headline, ticker, and photo and then turns it into a graphic that does resemble an actual news image. But it's entirely fake.

Maybe it was the was the severity of Hurricane Florence that had people not thinking clearly or maybe it's just because the internet is a crazy place filled with people who believe everything they read. But let us just remind you - this is not a real situation. There are no sharks in Florence. You are not going to get smacked in the face with a Great White Shark. Not everything on the Internet is real.

*Insert a heavy eye roll*

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