It was a magical night on Thursday as lights flickered brightly across the Providence River, aimed at the Hasbro Children's Hospital.

The "Goodnight Lights" program has been a tradition at the hospital for years and continues to light up the hearts of the inpatient children who are kept overnight, if not longer. According to, Steve Brosnihan is a cartoonist within the hospital system who began this wonderful flashing lights dialogue between the patients and it has been a wholesome display ever since.

Thanks to the efforts of the Providence Rugby Football Club, a local sports team in the area, alongside the Friends of Jack Foundation and the East Providence Police Department, $2,000 was raised entirely for the kids who are going through some difficult times over at Hasbro.

Together, the police, club and members of FOJ spaced out alongside the edge of the Providence River, directly across from the Hospital, and began flickering and flashing flashlights, car headlights and police car flashers towards the patiently waiting kids who gathered at the windows of their ward. Red and green lights flickered back in the luminous conversation to say "thank you."

Courtesy Christine Newcolm
Courtesy Christine Newcolm

WPRI News Channel 12 was also on scene to cover the team's efforts to make a difference in their community.

As social coordinator for the Providence Rugby Football Club, I can say it's not just a sport, rugby is a very strong camaraderie of people coming together and we just want to spread that message. It's a small gesture, but we are happy to do it.

Thanks to the community for their efforts to help raise money for Hasbro and to the East Providence Police for volunteering their time to join the cause, PRFC was able to donate an estimated $1,200, followed by an anonymous last-minute donation of $800 to raise the amount to an even $2,000.

A signed rugby ball by the men and women of the team as well as the members of the Friends of Jack Foundation and the East Providence Police Department was given as a gift to the children of Hasbro and will be placed on display in a glass case.

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