Introducing the best movie snuggle buddies – the binturong twins!

These adorable babies were born just last month at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence and are already making quite the impression on the zoo's online community. The kids, who have yet to be named, were born to mom Poppy on July 6 and have been thriving in the care of their mom and the zoo's animal care team, who will continue to perform daily health checks on the babies until they are big enough to venture out on exhibit.

"These boys still have more growing up to do before they’re able to explore their outdoor habitat," the zoo shared in its first post about the kids on Facebook. "So, for now, they’ll continue to bond with mom behind-the-scenes."

Roger Williams Park Zoo
Roger Williams Park Zoo

According to Roger Williams' Manager of Digital Communications Corrie Ignagni, the zoo is hoping to have the twins in their new home sometime in the next month.

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So what exactly is a binturong? These small mammals hail from Southeast Asia, and are quite literally unbearably cute. Ignagni said binturongs are also commonly known as bearcats because of their resemblance to a mini bear.

Ignagni also dished on one of the cutest, and most unique, qualities of the binturong: their smell. Apparently these cute little guys smell just like hot buttered popcorn, which makes them even more of a perfect cuddle buddy. Ignagni said that although she hasn't had the chance to smell the zoo's newest babies quite yet, their delectable scent is something the species is well-known for.

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