Professor Brian Glyn Williams at UMass Dartmouth, wrote a book that inspired rock band Muse to create their new concept album "Drones".

History professor Brian Glyn Williams wrote a book called, "Predators, The CIA's Drone War on Al Qaeda" which is about the CIA s and U.S. military's creation of Predator and Reaper drones and it's effective and controversial usage.

In a Rolling Stone's interview, Muse was asked about the inspiration for their new album "Drones". Lead singer of Muse, Matt Bellamy said that around two years ago, he read Prof. William's book and was shocked saying. "I didn't know how prolific drone usage has been." Sadly, in the interview, Rolling Stone refers to Prof. Williams as a Dartmouth professor instead of a UMass Dartmouth professor, but he still gets the credit all the same.

According to The Boston Globe, when asked how Prof. Williams found out that his book was mention, he replied, “I have a Google alert for ‘drone’ because I’m obsessed with them and I saw there was a mention in a Rolling Stone story about Muse, and I couldn’t believe it when I read that my research inspired their new CD.”

Williams has sent the band an e-mail thanking them for giving his book a shout-out and for the inspiration but hasn't received anything back. When Muse comes back to the U.S to promote their album, Williams said he'll be at one of their concerts.

“This is the most active CIA killing campaign since the Vietnam era, and no one is talking about it,” says Prof. Williams “If Matt Bellamy and Muse can bring some attention to murky covert warfare in other lands, I’ll be satisfied.”

Being a student at UMass Dartmouth, I find it amazing that one of our great facility members are finally being recognized for their hard work in academia.