A six to eight year prison sentence was handed down for a man convicted of kidnapping a woman who jumped out of the trunk of a car on Route 24.

Gregg Miliote, Director of Communications for the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, says that 30-year-old Adynew Alves pleaded guilty on Monday in Fall River Superior Court to charges of kidnapping, and assault and battery.

Alves and his girlfriend, 30-year-old Stephanie Walker of Lawrence, asked a 49-year-old female acquaintance to accompany them to a home in Haverhill.

However, they instead went to Walker's home in Lawrence and, once in the garage, Alves pulled a gun and accused her of stealing pills.

The victim was bitten and cut her hand during a struggle and she was eventually forced into the trunk of the car and driven away.

Miliote says Alves threatened the victim during the ride.

The victim was able to force the trunk lock open and when the car slowed down near the Route 140 exit in Taunton the victim jumped out onto the highway.

Motorists came to her aid and 911 was called.

Alves and Walker drove away and the car was later located in Taunton and officers found blood and items that the victim said would be found in the truck.

A search of the garage in Lawrence also uncovered blood and clothing with blood on it was found inside the house.

Miliote says the blood found in the trunk and garage belonged to the victim, blood found on a napkin in the car and from pants found in Lawrence matched the Alves’s DNA.

Alves and Walker were found in Baltimore in early October, 2014 and were taken into custody.

Walker pleaded guilty in June to kidnapping and assault with a dangerous weapon charges and received a four to five year prison sentence.

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