Today is, of course, Inauguration Day. President Donald Trump made his scheduled departure from the White House for Florida several hours ahead of the inauguration ceremony. Before leaving, however, the president took some time to call Michael and Maddie this morning.

America will transition from the Trump administration to what is sure to be a very different administration with Joe Biden. Whether you agree or disagree with President Trump's policies and style, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that things are bound to be different with President Biden in the White House.

Here at Fun 107, we are worried that we won't have the same access that we had to President Trump. He was a regular caller and contributor to Michael and Maddie.

Just this morning, the president mentioned how he and First Lady Melania Trump listen on the Fun 107 app "every chance we get."

Trump went on to shower the morning show with love and praise, saying he wanted Michael and Maddie to know "how much I care about the both of you. Your show has meant so much to me."

Perhaps one of the most stunning answers Trump gave in this final, wide-ranging Fun 107 interview was his answer to Maddie's question about what he'll miss most about being president. It isn't exactly what you might imagine.

With the incoming Biden crew, there's no telling how much access, if any, the morning show will have with the White House.

Trump has always seemed to have an affinity for reaching out to the SouthCoast. We don't want to take too much credit, but we think it might have something to do with this SouthCoast introductory video that we sent the president during his very first days in office.

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