Children’s Circle Nursery School in Dartmouth hosts an annual art show that displays collected artwork from each student throughout the year. Due to the novel coronavirus, they, unfortunately, had to cancel the event. The students range from three to five years old and it was tough for them to leave their masterpieces behind when schools were closed, knowing that the art show would never happen.

Samantha Cunha has been at the school for three years. This is her second year as Director and she told us about her plan to make sure that the show still goes on despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.

"It didn’t feel right to me that all of the children’s hard work had to sit in boxes at the school until it was sorted out and handed back to them at the end of the school year,” said Cunha. “So, I took one piece of artwork from each student and hung them around my house. I held my own little art show at home to honor them and they are all still hanging up right now. Their artwork makes this difficult time much brighter.”

Contributed by Sam Cunha

Cunha explained that the art show is a huge deal and one of the biggest school events of the year. “The children, my co-teacher, Amy Bettencourt, and I prepare for that art show all year long. I couldn’t imagine all their hard work going unseen. Our school focuses on letting the child take control of their art and letting them express themselves however they like.”

Contributed by Sam Cunha

Cunha celebrated her students and their accomplishments on Friday, May 1. Her love for her students is as colorful as their art.

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