One of the United Way of Greater New Bedford's most popular events returns Thursday night. As you might imagine, most of this year's Power of the Purse will be held virtually; however, Michelle Hantman, President and CEO of the United Way of Greater New Bedford, says that part of the event will be comedians in front of a live crowd.

"The comedians asked if there was a way to perform in front of a small group of VIP members. Comedy is a difficult thing to perform in an empty room," Hantman laughed. "So, we were able to invite select people to watch the comedy in person. Most of the event, however, will be held virtually. We've put together a really great lineup of fashion, fun and comedy, so I think people are still going to be entertained."

Every ticket holder gets an e-swag bag. The United Way of Greater New Bedford partnered with local women-centric or women-owned businesses to provide discounts, offers, and free gifts to incentivize.

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The auction is focusing specifically on handbags only. From $20 bags to high-end luxury bags, the bags are donated by businesses. Some of them are previously loved, but they go through an intense screening to make sure they are in great condition. Some of the bags are brand new, and some of them are paired with gift cards.

There will also be a raffle for a brand new Louis Vuitton bag. You do not have to be a ticket holder to participate in the Louis Vuitton raffle.

Tickets are available at

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