Here's what you need to know before you start opening all those emails from Amazon. The new scam posts a credible threat to your personal information. 

It's that time of the year when people are going to start doing their holiday shopping and a lot of it will get done on Amazon. I mean, nothing really beats that Prime 2-day shipping when you're getting last minute gifts.

But if you frequently order from Amazon, you are familiar with the string of emails that follow your order. You usually get a confirmation from each item, then another email when they ship, then sometimes another when they're delivered, depending on your settings.

Hackers and scam artists have started trying to capitalize on all those follow-up emails by sending an email that looks legitimately like it's coming from Amazon. In that email, it'll say something about an issue with shipping and ask you to click a link. That link is then what will give them access to your personal information. I know I have multiple bank accounts linked to my Amazon account (because it makes it so much easier) BUT that also gives hackers access to a lot of my personal information and basically all of my money.

A similar scam started spreading a couple months ago, but as that online shopping ramps up for the holidays, it's always good to be aware.



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