This is for all you strange people that love snow.

"It's so pretty," they say. "It's so magical," they insist. NO. It is neither pretty nor magical. It's snow and it's a royal pain in the behind. It's just more inconvenient and annoying rain. It's like if rain got fat and took up way more space. It's the worst, and I can't stand people who get excited over snow. Call me a Scrooge, a grouch, a killjoy, whatever you want. I hate, no no, I loathe, nope, I despise snow.

I can understand if around Christmas or something there's a little snowfall to add to the ambiance, but otherwise, I'll pass. It's a hard no from me. It's inconvenient. It makes it harder to drive. It's wet and mucky, so now all your clothes are wet and mucky. It's heavy and you've got to shovel it all out of the way just to leave your house.

Some of you think it's "pretty." Why people say that, I'll never know. Once it snows, in no time it's all going to be brown and gross. it gets plowed and mixed in with dirt. Pets and animals are peeing on it. It's nasty.

Overall, snow is the worst. And all of you that support it are somehow worse than the worst.

That is all.

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