Portugal natives, here's another reason to rejoice.

2019 marked the 3rd year in a row that Portugal received the honor of the Best European Tourist Destination by the World Travel Awards, in a ceremony held in Madeira this past Saturday. Overall, Portugal won 3 more awards than last year. They took home a whopping 39 awards.

photo cred: Deb DaCosta

Ask me if my family and I have been to Portugal yet and sadly I'll have to say no.  We have been talking about a trip to São Miguel for at least 5 years and still haven't been able to put it together.  My husband is 100% Portuguese and my mother and father in-law are both Portugal natives.  They migrated to the United States in their late teen years and are both from the beautiful island of San Miguel. One of these days we'll get our act together and successfully plan and take our trip to Portugal, I can't wait!

photo cred:Deb DaCosta

A few of the other honors they received include; Lisbon being named the Best Destination for City Break and Best Cruise Port, Madeira voted as Best Insular Destination, Passadiços do Paiva won the Best Tourism Development Project award and Dark Sky Alqueva received the European Prize for Responsible Tourism.

photo cred: Deb DaCosta

All of the Portugal natives who have made the SouthCoast their new home are happy to see that their home country of Portugal is thriving more than ever.