Probably not the call police get everyday, but this weekend a Portsmouth officer saved ducklings trapped in a storm drain.

Four little ducklings somehow found themselves in a storm drain on Sunday and Portsmouth police managed to set them free.

Using just a net, Officer Celico of the Portsmouth Police Department got the four baby ducks out of the drain.

duck rescue

As you can see from the photos shared by the Portsmouth Police Department on their Facebook page, Officer Celico had to remove the manhole cover from the side of the road and pretty much go head first into the drain until he could reach the trapped ducklings.

He managed to get them out, with the help of others in the neighborhood, and all the ducklings appeared to be just fine.

No word on who found the trapped baby ducks or where they were brought after the rescue.

Hopefully their mother was living nearby and they could be returned to her.

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