We all have that one friend who speaks their mind for the rest of us and I'm grateful for mine.

New Bedford's own DJ Junior Jay took the words right out of my mouth with a Facebook post that deserves an Emmy. It's that good.

How often have you gone to a restaurant for lunch or dinner and the person on the side of you is blasting audio from their phone? Whether it's an instant replay from last night's MLB game or a Snapchat from your NSFW friends who don't have a filter, I simply don't need to be included.

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Courteous Human Tip #3254: When you’re out for lunch alone and wish to listen to content on your phone, don’t be ignorant, bring headphones!! I can’t stand when people think everyone else wants to hear their business."

Even in my "somewhat quiet" neighborhood, there’s always one person who feels the need to blast their music while they’re washing their car or doing yard work. I know when I'm cutting my grass, I enjoy wearing headphones. Why shouldn't the same apply to a restaurant?

This may be a big "who cares" to some people, but that's only because they haven't been a victim of second-hand embarrassment yet because the person beside them is watching an inappropriate video on YouTube or Instagram.

We need to be more aware of our surroundings and show more respect toward others when we eat out at restaurants. It's as simple as that, folks.

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