It may still feel like summer out there, but Polar Seltzer is thinking winter with their new flavor reveals.

We are big seltzer fans in my house and always willing to try out new flavors.

That's why I love Polar. They try new combinations every season and never seem to disappoint.

So here's what they've created for winter 2019-2020.

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Blood Orange Sangria returns with it's light citrus-y flavor perfect for making mixed drinks (or so I've been told).

Winter favorite Blackberry Clementine is also back this season combining tart and sweet fruits in one refreshing beverage.

The other three are all new flavors for Polar.

Like Pink Lady Apple and Lemon

I love lemon seltzer the best, so I'm pretty sure this will be a flavor I am into. It combines a touch of fall flavoring with the apple and a bit of summer lemon for a crisp, tart winter drink.

Ginger Peach is also hitting stores this winter. Though I'm not sure this will be one for me. I'm sure the sweet and tangy combo of flavors will work for lots of people's taste buds, but I'm not really a peach or a ginger fan, so I'll probably pass.

And then there's Berry Sweet Grapefruit. The new flavor I am most excited about.

The mix of sweet jam berries and tart grapefruit sounds yummy to me and is probably another flavor great for making mixed drinks.

Whatever flavors you are into, it seems like Polar Seltzer has got you covered this winter.

Now you just gotta stock up on the limited edition flavors you like best.

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