The internet is nothing but savagery and dumpster fires and I'm constantly getting sucked into whatever drama is currently unfolding, but I found this TikTok to be spot on.

A Massachusetts TikToker by the handle @nobodycaresanthony (I'm assuming his name is Anthony) is well known at 121,000 followers for not only pointing out the obvious in Massachusetts and Rhode Island online groups, but he also speaks his mind at the same time. He's not wrong, either.

Recently, I opened up the addicting app TikTok and the first video to hit my FYP (For You Page) was this rant about a Plymouth Facebook group, and I was not disappointed:

How many times have you seen this? The world today is so territorial that something as simple as a "looking for a job" post has everyone up in arms for no reason at all. Let's analyze this situation for a moment:

Some poor guy named Jason is down on his luck and trying to do right by getting back to work. A lot of people who have never been in Jason's position tend to overlook the struggle and automatically assume that he's a bad person. Well, I for one applaud his efforts to begin the job search, regardless if he had his girlfriend post for him or not.

He has no car, but most likely because he doesn't have a job. You need to have a job to make money and money to own a car. Has kindness disappeared all together? A helping hand is the only request here.

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When you walk through the doors that lead inside the world of social media these days, everyone's opinion is better than that of everyone else. Clueless "experts" and trolls are the gasoline to an ongoing dumpster fire that refuses to be extinguished.

I'm glad Anthony brought this to light, to oust the negativity and to stand up for the little people. With over four million views, my only hope is that this guy Jason gets the job opportunity that will lift him back up again.

Lastly, kudos to his girlfriend for being supportive, something a lot of people in that town Facebook group could learn.

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