A Plymouth resident, Lisa Marie recently got married and was planning on having a special guest at the reception.

"I'm a huge DMX fan and originally got it to display during the cocktail hour at my wedding," Lisa said. "But then I decided against it at the last minute. So, it’s just been sitting in the original box this whole time."

Lisa bought a house with her new husband, and he decided that she should part ways with the lifesize cutout before moving into the new place. She listed this item on South Shore Yard Sales and it received a lot of attention.

Photo contributed by Lisa Marie. Listing on South Shore Yard Sales
Photo contributed by Lisa Marie. Listing on South Shore Yard Sales

This DMX cardboard cutout garnered more than 100 comments on the listing and Lisa was shocked by the response it received. She was just hoping to break even but actually ended up making a profit.

"It was originally a $75 valued and I ended up selling it for $100," she said.

The post has since been taken down following the finalized sale.

It's really too bad that this thing is already spoken for because I know that's exactly what my aunt Raquel would have wanted for Christmas this year. We're planning on doing a Secret Santa on my mom's side and I was hoping to get her if this was still available. She is high-key obsessed with DMX and was devasted to hear that he had passed earlier this year. To have his image displayed somewhere in her house would have been fantastic.

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