On her daily walks around the neighborhood, a Plymouth woman became friends with a friendly dog that was often outside when she passed by.

The dog’s owners learned about the sweet friendship between the friendly walker and their dog, Reign, and decided to make their playtime easier by making Reign’s toys easily accessible when the woman walked by.

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“Thank you to the dog owners who live on the corner of Standish and Liberty for making a basket for the balls,” said the friendly walker online. “I play catch with their dog every night through the fence where I take my walk.”

The friendly walker explained how the dog used to bark aggressively every time she would walk by, until one day, she thought to bring a ball with her.

“Now she waits eagerly for me as I come up the street,” she said.

The dog’s owner, Deborah Monopoli, loved the friendship that the friendly walker and Reign had formed and appreciated the walker's kindness when it came to Reign’s barking habit.

In hopes of making playtime a little easier, Monopoli set up a net on her fence that held a large supply of balls.

After Reign was recently hit by a car, she had to refrain from playtime to heal, and thankfully, she made a full recovery, allowing Monolopi to move forward with her “play basket” idea.

“(Reign) is a barker and barks when anyone walks by, and I wanted to provide an option for people who don’t particularly love her as a way to distract her, giving them a moment to walk by without the barking, a win-win scenario,” said Monopoli.

Barking dogs are a typical occurrence in many residential neighborhoods, but these two strangers managed to come up with a plan that suits everyone. The friendly walker gets to enjoy a peaceful walk with a quick play time break, Reign gets to play fetch more than ever before, and Monopoli gets peace of mind knowing her dog brings joy to the neighborhood.

You can always count on dogs to bring out the best in people.

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