A pink moon is on it's way as Nick Drake would say.

April's full moon is almost here and it could be beautiful to see.

Don't get too excited about the name 'Pink Moon' however, it is not actually going to be pink.

The name Pink Moon comes from the pink phlox flowers that are in bloom this time of year. They are the first wildflowers to bloom each spring, so the first spring full moon is named after them.

And it will be lighting up the sky tonight into tomorrow and peaking at 7:12 a.m. on April 19th.

We could all definitely be awake to see this one, but will Mother Nature be on our side?

Things are unfortunately going to be pretty cloudy and windy for most of today and into tonight. And by 7 a.m. on Friday April 19, it's expected to be raining.

I'm thinking the only way we'll see this year's pink moon is if there is a break in the clouds for a moment or two.

Which could look pretty cool in and of itself, but doesn't make for very good moon gazing this time around.

Looks like we'll just have to try again next month when the 'Flower Moon' of May arrives on the 15th.

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