Earlier today, I was talking about going on vacation and what to do with my cats while I am gone. In the past, I've had my Mom watch my cats, but her cat recently passed away, so I don't feel right asking her to watch mine. Plus, watching my cats for a week is a lot of work, so I'm thinking I should probably hire someone.

I have exactly zero experience with pet sitting services or boarding places, so I have no idea where to start. I'm also concerned about hiring the right person/place. I need to know that they will do a great job taking care of my cats while I'm away. I don't want to have to worry about them while I'm on vacation. If I could, I'd bring the cats with me, but I'm sure the cruise ship people would frown upon that.

So, I think that leaves me with two options. I could ask one of my friends that lives near by if they mind coming to my house once or twice a day to care for my kitties, or I find a pet sitting service that I'm comfortable with. I think the latter option is going to be the better one for me.

Do you know of any pet sitting services that you'd recommend? I am very nervous about trusting my babies to just anyone. Maybe I should put out an ad...kind of like the movie 'Must Love Dogs', mine would say 'Must Love Cats!'

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