Seems Danny Amendola isn't making any friends in his new neighborhood this winter.

The Patriots wide receiver put up a carport behind his 1774 home in Providence's College Hill Historic District last month so that he could get to practice on time in the event of a snowstorm.

His neighbors don't seem to care about practice however, because they are complaining that the metal structure is a blemish on the community's atmosphere.

But the carport isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Amendola is renting the home in Providence and he did apply to the city last month for permission to put up his carport. It was approved for the duration of the season and doesn't have to come down until February.

It sounds like the neighbors are just being snooty to me, but Amendola doesn't seem to care about the complaints. He told the Associated Press simply,

I'm not talking about that."

NBC10 reports that back in 2009, four Patriots players were sent home after arriving late to practice because of a snowstorm.

So clearly cranky neighbors is better than an angry Belichick.