It's the most magical place on Earth: Disney World. Families from all over the world save boatloads of money for a pilgrimage that they hope their children will remember for the rest of their lives.

The first time I brought my kids to Disney, I remember I was a madman. I knew how much the seven-night vacation was costing, and I wanted to make sure we packed as much fun and adventure into the week as we possibly could. Between fast passes and MagicBands, I was on fire.

I remember looking at my Disney app and literally running from one attraction to another attraction because of the short wait times. "Peter Pan is only a 30-minute wait right now! Move it, kids! Let's go, go go!"

That's why I can understand how something like this could happen.

Yesterday morning, an over-eager mom drove her seemingly rented white car off the road and down a flight of stairs outside the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World in Florida.

I've been there. I've been so hyped up to be at Disney and be an overachieving dad that I can completely see someone, in their haste to get to the Magic Kingdom, driving off the road and down the stairs.

Take my advice: if you are heading down to Disney World for the first time, take a deep breath and enjoy the moments that will unfold during your Disney visit.

The takeaway lesson for this near-tragedy? Keep calm and celebrate the magic.

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