The popular Pine Meadow Alpacas Farm in Mattapoisett is ready to open the barnyard doors this Saturday for special tour offerings, allowing the community to enjoy the grounds and take a tour to hang out with the cute animals at this livestock farm on Marion Road.

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Pine Meadow Alpacas in Mattapoisett

Pine Meadow Alpacas is a small, family-owned farm that has been in the alpaca industry for over a decade.

“The farm for us is a family project that everyone gets involved with,” said the farm. “Everyone is involved in all parts of the farm, from daily chores to breeding decisions.”

While it’s a family effort to keep the place running, it has become an educational farm for the SouthCoast, opening a few times a year for farm tours, alpaca open farm days, and holiday tours.

This weekend, Pine Meadow will once again invite the community to say hello to their adorable animals.

What to Expect at Pine Meadow Alpacas Open Farm Day

Guests can choose between two different types of tours.

The private tour allows for a more intimate hangout with the exotic pets at Pine Meadow. For $25, you can hang out with the wallabies, capybaras, and porcupines, then head over to say hello to the barnyard animals.

The “Open Farm” tour is a self-guided tour of the barnyard animals. For $5, enjoy the grounds and feed the barnyard animals with your own feeding cup.

Private tours on Saturday are limited, with a minimum age of 8 years old and a 6-visitor max per group.

Keep an eye out on the Pine Meadow Alpacas Facebook Page for the registration link.

Meet the Animals at Pine Meadow Alpacas in Mattapoisett

At any given time, Pine Meadow is home to right around 100 animals, from alpacas and goats to yaks and sheep. The animals have personalities that range anywhere from spunky to shy, but we can assure you they're all just as cute as the next. Take a trip to Pine Meadow and meet just a few of their fuzzy friends through the following photos.

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