After a decade at the Natick Mall, the American Girl company says they are closing their only Massachusetts location.

The wildly popular dolls have been a favorite of my niece for years and I just know she'll be disappointed by this news, as will many young doll owners.

The American Girl brand has been around forever. I mean, I remember wanting a Molly doll so badly as a kid.

Nowadays, kids can have an American Girl doll made in their likeness, buy them outfits for any occasion imaginable and even bring them to doll hospitals when something goes wrong.

But not in Massachusetts, at least not anymore.

As of March 20, those with American Girl dolls will have to be brought all the way to New York City for hospital visits or doll tea parties.

Of course, the buying of dolls and clothes can still happen any time day or night, but those special moments—like taking your child and their doll to the American Girl cafe or treating your child's doll to a beauty parlor visit—won't be as close anymore.

American Girl Place New York Opens
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Now those one-of-a-kind doll experiences will have to take place with the added expense of a trip to the city.

The company says declining sales are the reason for the closure and add that even the store in the Mall of America in Minnesota will be closing at the same time.

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