Rid yourself of all your possessions and only then you will find freedom. Shed yourself of style and you will find warmth. Shame yourself of pride and you will find yourself. 

My time spent outside tonight (October 16-17, 2015) was far from taken advantage of. There are simply certain situations in life that you must experience first hand in order to truly understand the problem or cause. It’s safe to say, that I have undergone a change in heart. My eyes have opened wider than they have ever been and my heart is full.

The Rise Up For Homes: Homeless For A Night program was by far the most moving/emotional/difficult time of my life, but what I learned and discovered will forever have a stronghold on me.

Throughout the night, I video blogged my experience so everyone could see how uncomfortable and miserable it was. I interviewed a few people who stayed the night with us who actually do live out on the streets and as bad as it got.

It saddened me when I realized that I was only participating in one night and had a home to go to afterwards, but these people returned their everyday struggle with no where to go.

For more information on how you can get involved and donate to make a change to diminish Homelessness, you can click on the link below.

See Friday night's video footage here:


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