We've been telling you about the trees falling across the Southcoast, now you can see it for yourself.

Hopefully you have been home safe and sound all day just watching all this snow come down.

But for one police officer in Bourne, the day was spent on the roads...and it got pretty scary out there.

Just as the officer was heading up Bournedale Road he sees a tree crash down across the street just feet in front of him.

There have been lots of reports of downed trees from this storm, which seemed to bring heavier snow than initially predicted.

Thousands across the Southcoast are still without power as trees like these took out power lines in town after town.

If you are one of the many without power tonight, several towns have emergency shelters open for heat and electricity overnight, though you may want to wait until after the snow lets up around 8 p.m to head over to them.

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