A new bagel shop with New York ties has arrived in Fall River.

Md Shahidul Islam is starting a new chapter on the SouthCoast and is excited to offer the kinds of bagels you can only find in New York City.

Luckily, we won’t have to travel to the city. Islam is bringing them to us at NY Fresh Bagel & Bakery.

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Who Is MD Islam?

Originally from Bangladesh, Islam spent the past 10 years living in New York City and working in a bagel shop.

While working behind the counter, he fell in love with the industry and learned the ins and outs of what it means to serve high-quality bagels.

New Yorkers don’t mess around with their bagels, and neither does Islam.

When Covid slowed the world down, Islam knew he wanted to make a change.

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“I needed to do something for myself,” he said. “I had always worked for somebody else. Why not work for myself?”

His cousin from Fall River convinced him to move to the SouthCoast, and over the past few months, Islam has been quietly preparing his first storefront on Jefferson Street.

On Tuesday, he opened the doors for the first time, and he is excited for what the future holds.

What to Expect at NY Fresh Bagel & Bakery

At NY Fresh Bagel & Bakery, everything will be made in-house.

“The dough for the bagels is coming straight from New York City and then I bake them in-house,” Islam said. “These are real New York City bagels.”

NY Fresh Bagel & Bakery
NY Fresh Bagel & Bakery

Also on the menu will be sandwiches, wraps, paninis and salads, all made in-house with NYC flavor.

Islam’s favorite bagel is the sesame bagel, but there are plenty of options, and he hopes the community will start the day at his bakery.

“This is just the beginning, but I hope to get a good response from the community. I am very excited,” he said.

NY Fresh Bagel & Bakery is open daily at 6 a.m.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Islam!

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