What happened to just dancing?

Before smart-phones, life seemed a little more interesting, a little more observant of our surroundings.

I've always wanted to visit Shrine nightclub at Foxwoods for one reason only... to DANCE! As I arrived on Saturday, April 14th, 2018, I looked out into a crowd of a pure abyss, even though the place was packed, shoulder to shoulder. The only problem was that nobody was dancing.

The entire dance floor was filled with "Zombies", glued to their cell phones, swaying to the beat... nothing else.


Perhaps I've finally reached the age where I'm not hip enough to hang out in nightclubs (with the fear of ever becoming that one "creepy" guy that everyone knows). I found myself pinned against the bar as people shoved their way through without common courtesy to apologize for bumping into your drink. Annoying isn't even the word for how I felt that night.

Luckily, I received VIP access into the club, but normally you would pay upwards to $30-$40 after waiting over an hour in line after it took a lifetime to get ready for just a few hours of loud music and overpriced drinks.

I get that it's a social playground and always has been, but unfortunately, etiquette behavior is rapidly diminishing. How hard is it to just put down the phone for an hour and just focus on good music, good vibes, and good company.

Nightclubs just aren't the same anymore... End Rant.



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