The New England Patriots are coming off of a short week after beating the New York Jets in an overtime stunner on Monday night. It's a sad state of affairs when Patriots fans are getting this excited over a win against the worst team in football, but here we are.

"A win is a win," head coach Bill Belichick said.

"You can only beat the team you are playing," he also said.

Both of those quotes coming during much brighter days in the Patriots organization, both uttered when one of the biggest controversies surrounding the team was whether or not it was polite to run up the score on their opponents.

Those days are long gone. There's no worry about that this year.

If the Patriots have any prayer for winning Sunday night's prime time showdown with Baltimore, they will have to control the football, says ABC6 Sports Director Nick Coit. They showed a bit of that towards the end of the Jets game on Monday night. It'll be harder this week.

"If you can keep Lamar Jackson in front of you. You can't stop him, but if you can contain him, you might have a chance.  But he's just so fast," Coit said. "The kids is, he has a special talent. As Cam Newton said on Thursday, 'He's got something that not a lot of human beings got.'"

So can the Patriots beat the Ravens on Sunday Night Football?

"Hey, any given Sunday," said Coit, before he quickly followed up with, "But I'm taking the Ravens."

Coit thinks this is a tough challenge for the Patriots defense, and doesn't think they'll be able to contain the Baltimore quarterback.

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