Clark's Bears in Lincoln, New Hampshire is hiring and I couldn't be more stoked.

The infamous Wolfman is a nostalgic childhood memory that I'll never forget. If you were lucky enough to visit the crazy cahoot and see him ride around the woods in his crazy, jacked-up lawn mower-looking four-wheeler mobile, waving his shotgun in the air and yelling like a madman, then you witnessed greatness.

The bear attraction destination formerly known as Clark's Trading Post is looking for the right person to apply for the 2020 position and I after answering the application questions from Clark's Bears, I have to tell you, with all confidence, I'm perfect for this job.

  • Do you have a dramatic side?
    • If anything, I'm a bit overdramatic, but that's good, right? The more, the better, that's the way I see it.
  • Do you like the great outdoors?
    • Born and raised in Westport, Massachusetts with an ax swing like no other and a survival guide that may or may not work.
  • Dress code: Wolfman prefers "Casual Friday" every day.
    • What a coincidence, I've worn shorts and tank tops to Fun 107 every day since the weather started getting warm and in the winter months, I prefer blue jeans and boots, but I would rather be wearing shorts like the Wolfman.
  • Are you scruffy and unkept?
    • The quarantine of 2020 was my scruffiest yet. Although I shaved, there's no one stopping me from growing it all back again.
  • Are you outgoing with people?
    • I'm a radio personality, it doesn't get any more outgoing than that. Of course I am.
  • Do you like getting paid and acting crazy to do so?
    • Does a bear...well, you get it. The answer is yes, it's basically what I do now at Fun 107.

Now, obviously this is up in New Hampshire and the travel is pretty far, but that's where you have to ask yourself how dedicated you are to take on a sweet job like becoming the next Wolfman. Honestly, I might just be overqualified here, but if this is as much of a dream job for you as it is for me, then here's how you can apply:

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