Not everyone loves Justin Bieber.

The Biebs is headed to New Zealand in late November and a local rock station is doing its part to help locals avoid coming down with a raging case of Bieber Fever. No, they are not providing soup, tea, toast, ginger ale or meds of any sort to deal with this affliction. They are not even giving away tickets to his concert, either. WTF?

Instead, the station is offering the natives a chance to get the hell out of dodge and giving away free plane tickets for a trip out of the country in order to avoid The Biebs.

Essentially, it's an Escape Bieber Fever promotion. Even if you lurve the Biebs and would sever a limb to be in the same five-mile radius as he, this is still a funny contest.

All the locals have to do is answer their phone by saying "Justin Bieber is a tweezer" and they can win the vacation!

Somehow, we think Beliebers from any region won't be amused by this little radio stunt. We, however, are! And we still love our JB like a fat kid loves cake.

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