Rhode Island drivers have a new law to contend with starting June 1st, but Massachusetts drivers could be affected as well.

It's a law that has been on the books in many other states for years, but now Rhode Island has passed their Hands Free Cellphone Law that makes it illegal to talk on the phone while driving without a hands-free device.

Massachusetts passed a similar law back in 2016 and has made it illegal to text and drive since 2010. Now our neighbor is following suit.

Starting Friday June 1st, Rhode Island drivers need to put their phones down or face a $100 fine.

Bluetooth earpieces or mounted devices in cars will be okay, but having your phone in your hands while you are driving your car will be illegal.

The goal of course is to cut down on distracted driving and the accidents that stem from those on their phone. And with this being a brand new law, there will probably be lots of people pulled over when it goes into affect.

Of course those on the Southcoast should already be driving hands-free, so this law shouldn't affect you right?

Well if it does, know there is a way to get out of that first $100 ticket.

State police say that if between the time you get your ticket and the court date for it you purchase a bluetooth device, just bring the receipt with you to court and the $100 fine will be waived.

This is of course only for your first hands-free driving law offense, but it can presumably be used for both Rhode Island and Massachusetts drivers.

Still tickets and court dates are a waste of time and money, so get your bluetooth device, put the phone away and drive safe out there!

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