We really are just losing are minds as a country! Do we really have nothing in this country to complain to the white house about? Imagine if we sent a letter to George Washington with this stuff..he'd be like..Really? Really? I'm trying to win independence here and you care who or who isn't playing Batman! We told you earlier about how Ben Affleck will play Batman in a new movie, Batman and Superman/ ‘Man of Steel 2.  According to CBS, a petition has been filed in the “We the People” section of the White House website petitioning the Obama administration to “denounce the selection of Ben Affleck” and recast the role of Batman. I don't know about you, but Ben is a very talented actor and from Boston.

NBC/Warner Bros.

He has my vote to see if he can bring it on this role. The petition needs at least 100,000 signatures by Sept. 13, 2013 for it to receive a response from the White House. How are you going to vote?