Find your zen at New Bedford's Haskell Gardens where a brand new meditative spiral path has been completed.

After days of clouds and rain, why not get back out in the SouthCoast sunshine for a stroll through the Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens? The 6 acres of botanical bliss are free for all to explore every day from sunrise to sunset and there is now something brand new to explore as well.

Crews of Trustees staff and nature-loving volunteers have been planting a half-acre garden of native plants for weeks and their results are stunning. Over 670 trees, shrubs and coastal wildflowers are on the winding path that guests can now walk along and enjoy nature's restorative powers.

From the sketches posted back in September, you can see the spiral design and peaceful center space featured in the new garden, meant for contemplative walks and stress-free strolls.

The Trustees - Haskell Public Garden via Facebook
The Trustees - Haskell Public Garden via Facebook

Of course, there is also a lot to learn about nature here as well.

The all-native garden means more native animals will come to visit as well, reminding SouthCoast visitors exactly who we share our area with -- not to mention giving homeowners ideas for plants that will flourish in their own backyards.

The Trustees say they plan to add plenty of nature activities to this new garden as well. Outdoor yoga classes, mindfulness classes and more will likely be introduced next spring and summer as the new space blooms and the weather gets warm once again.

For now, you can enjoy some gorgeous fall weather at Haskell Public Gardens on the new spiral path as well as around the colorful greenhouse, historic brick buildings and tree-lined hiking trails.

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