Massachusetts has passed a new law regarding headlights and as of April 7th drivers will have to start adhering to it.

As April showers fall, you now must have your headlights on.

use headlights and taillights when their windshield wipers are on

Yep, a new law in the state requires drivers to turn on their headlights and taillights when their windshield wipers are in use. Headlights must also be on a half-hour after sunset and a half-hour before sunrise.

The commonwealth is now one of 18 states that requires headlights to be on while windshield wipers are in use, according to AAA. And they say the reason for such a law it that

It enhances not only your visibility to other vehicles, but also improves your own visibility in terms of being able to see in adverse weather conditions.”

Currently the fine for not following the new law is $5, but drivers who get headlight tickets will also face surcharges from their insurance companies (which could add up).

The law isn't completely supported in Massachusetts. Some say it will enhance safety on the roadways while other feel it's an arbitrary law that didn't need to be passed.

However you feel about the headlights law, you've got to start using them when you use your windshield wipers starting April 7th across the state.

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