It's always hard for any animal owner to leave their pet at home but now a new company called Petcube is allowing owners to interact with their pets throughout the day!Petcube has come out with a connected camera system that is set up in your home and allows you to check up on your pets. It includes a laser pointer that you can control with your smartphone. It's great because if you're worried that your animal might be at home alone and bored, there is now a system that you can use to watch and play with them! How awesome is that?

The system itself is a four-inch cube that you can attach to your Wi-fi and you can activate the laser pointer by tapping your phone. A red dot will appear on your screen, which you can move around the room so your pet can play with it! The iOS application is available and they are soon coming out one for Android.

The company does ask to not shine the laser in your pet's eyes and that this system might not be for all pets. Mostly it's just useful for cats and dogs to play with the laser pointer but if you have another type of animal that loves to chase things around the house, than this will also be perfect for it.

The Daily Dot actually tested out Petcube at an electronics show. Watch their video down below to see how it works!