Justyna Boucher suffers from a rare form of cancer that affects her bones and soft tissues. She's been in and out of the hospital repeatedly for quite some time, and her doctors estimate she has 6 months to live. Justyna keeps trying chemotherapy and surgery, but the tumors are not shrinking. The teen took to Facebook in the hopes to make one very special wish come true.  Justyna's dream is to meet Patriots wide receiver, Julian Edelman. In her wish post, Justyna says that she and Edelman have much in common when it comes to the amount of perseverance they have and how hard they have both worked. Julian Edelmen saw her post and decided he needed to meet her in person.  Julian visited her at Brigham and Women's Hospital and brought along a bag of Patriots swag and smile for plenty of selfies. You can read what Justyna had to say about her situation below.

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza



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