Sad to say, the area's source for vintage architectural materials and artifacts is going out of business.

New England Demolition and Salvage announced on Facebook last week that they would soon be closing their doors for good.

Owners Harry and Jeanine James say they have been trying unsuccessfully to sell the business and the mill building it resides in for months, but to no avail.


And without a buyers to keep things going, they must sell what they've got and close down for good!

I can honestly say I am saddened by this news. My husband and I have been wanting to go there for a while now and I guess we'd better hurry up!

Some may wonder what is so special about New England Demo and Salvage. Well, it's a place where historic architecture is kept alive. Where people who are renovating historical houses can find tubs, radiators, banisters and more to make things as authentic as possible.

It was where I hoped to find lighting fixtures authentic to my home and where Hollywood filmmakers came back again and again for props.

The James' do say that they are not closing immediately, but that they are officially on their way out of business.

They plan to mark down many of the things in their store and hope to be closed within the next few months.

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