A new holiday movie headed straight for Disney+ started filming in Marblehead this week.

If you still feel like you are in a post-holiday funk, then maybe a trip to Marblehead this weekend would help.

That's because a new holiday film for Disney+ starring Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell is in production there and they are decking the area out for Christmas in late January.

There has already been plenty of fake snow as well as wreaths, bows and garland. It's still feeling a lot like Christmas there.

The movie has a very un-Christmasy name however. Called Godmothered, it's about a brand new (and not very good) godmother who tracks down a young girl who's cry for help was never answered.

The fairy godmother, played by the hilarious Jillian Bell, finds a grown up Isla Fisher who now has some very different wishes than finding good old Prince Charming.

Like a kid friendly, yet adult twist on Cinderella.

They started filming in sections of downtown Marblehead, using the exteriors but also heading inside places like Mookie's at Mugford (a local coffee shop) and The Landing restaurant.

There's no word on exactly how long local filming will take and there's no release date for the movie on Disney+ either.

So if you like traveling to local film shoots, definitely head to the North Shore sooner rather than later. And look for this new holiday film presumably around the next holiday season.

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