It will be spectacular to say the least.   Last month, astronomers discovered a new comet, and they are predicting it will blaze brilliantly in the skies in November of 2013.   They are telling us that this comet will be about 15 times brighter than the full moon, and even may be visible to the naked eye during daylight hours.   Some are actually predicting this yet un-named comet will be one of the greatest  in human history,  far outshining the comet Hale-Bopp back in 1997.

Those of us here in the northern hemisphere are in a great place to see the comet.   We'll be able to see it beginning in early fall.  It will reach peak brightness in late November, and remain visible until mid-January of 2014.   If these things excite you as they do me, don't forget to mark your calendar for November of 2013.

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