My family took me out for a birthday dinner last night at Greasy Luck. As we were parking our car, it was hard not to notice a guy struggling hard to park.

He first got our attention when he backed into the light pole on Purchase Street. Hey, I've been there. In full disclosure, I JUST got my car back from Carl's Collision last week after backing into a parked car in a parking lot. So I totally know what it's like not to be on your "A" game when you're parking.

But I've got to say, I've never quite seen anyone struggle this much while trying to park.  It got to the point where my wife legit considered getting out of our car and helping him.

At one point, the guy tried to "muscle" the car off of the curb, with no luck.

My kids were dying with laughter, and my wife had to sternly warn them not to laugh at him as we got out of the car.

As we entered the restaurant, we did walk by the driver. We were wondering the obvious--whether or not he may have been inebriated. He did NOT appear to be. He just seemed like a young, inexperienced driver who is still learning the ropes.

We were feeling a little bad that we didn't help him, but honestly, that's not the safest route to take. It's not really advisable to be jumping in stranger's cars.

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