For anyone who has complained that there aren't enough good restaurants in the South End of New Bedford, this one is for you.

What started off as an impromptu date night finished a high note with a couple of very happy bellies. After a good friend told me about a brand new sushi bar in New Bedford, I told her to "say no more" and trucked on down to South End.

Matthew Benevides

Over on the left-hand side of Brock Avenue as you head towards the waterfront is where you'll find Yozakura, a small restaurant with big dreams and a flavorful menu. If you or anyone you know is a sushi addict like myself, then consider this place a must-try.

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Owned and operated by Chef William Foley, the Fairhaven resident recently opened up his restaurant on August 28. He kindly greeted and welcomed us on entry and continued to chef up a DoorDash order with a smile on his face.

"I’m just honored that I was given the opportunity to serve this amazing community and also extremely grateful for the love and support I have received for only being open three weeks," Foley said.

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Gazelle/Townsquare Media

I asked Foley what the name Yozakura means and he said that it roughly translates to “view cherry blossoms at night."

"Cherry blossoms are sort of my thing," Foley said. "My catering company is Sakura Bon (Good Cherry Blossom), so since this sushi bar is my first nighttime/dinner concept, I gave it that name."

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You'll have to be quick if you want to try out this new Japanese cultured restaurant as most days the restaurant is only open for a few hours, opening up only around dinner time. Yozakura seats 12 people comfortably in a relaxing and atmospheric environment that's modern, chic, and quaint.

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After ordering almost one of everything on the menu, I paid the bill and left satisfied. Keep an eye out for it the next time your travels take you down Brock Ave, but drive slow or you might miss it.

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