You don’t really forget the first time you meet an elephant.

I was a toddler, and I was looping around the zoo in Rhode Island with my parents when we came across the gentle giants with their long noses and big feet. I was allowed to pet them that day, and I touched its trunk with my little hands. It felt like skin that had been in the sun for too long, and I remember thinking that elephants were my new favorite animal.

When I was a teenager, I went to Buttonwood Park Zoo for the first time and got a chance to see the most gorgeous cougars sunbathing in their habitat. I would never dare get close to a wild cat of this size, but thanks to Buttonwood Park Zoo, I was able to get close enough to witness their beauty and fierceness.

Without the zoo, I would have never been able to have that experience of wonder and amazement, and if you love the zoo as I do, now is your chance to show some love.

Buttonwood Park Zoo has launched the “Share the Love” campaign, which gives people on the SouthCoast the opportunity to show appreciation to the zoo. Their website explains that by purchasing a heart-shaped lawn sign, “your support…will help ensure that BPZOO remains a bright spot for families and will allow us to continue our leading education, conservation, and animal care programs."

Parks like this one bring exciting opportunities for education to New Bedford and I look forward to the day I can bring my children to the zoo and spark their desire for adventure and learning.

Click here to make a donation and reserve your sign.

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