For eight-year-old Amariannah, yesterday was a day just like any other day. She was out grocery shopping with her grandmother, her Sandy doll in tow. Amariannah brings her Sandy doll everywhere she goes. She brings it to school, to the doctor's, out shopping, and she sleeps with the doll every single night. She's spent virtually every waking moment with this doll for the past three years—that is, until yesterday.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, Amariannah lost her doll in the Stop & Shop on Dartmouth Street in New Bedford. Her grandmother, Jennifer Staples, knew this was going to be a significant problem her granddaughter, who struggles with autism. When she notified Stop & Shop, everyone looked around the store, but nothing was immediately found.

Jennifer took to Facebook as a last-ditch attempt to try to get the word out about the lost doll. Several people volunteered to buy a new Sandy doll if the original couldn't be found. Jennifer was floored by the kindness of total strangers. "

People like those that helped look and were offering to buy a new doll are what makes New Bedford a great place," she said.

Buying a new doll, however, wasn't necessary. The original Sandy was found this morning by one of the workers at Stop & Shop. The doll has been returned to Amariannah. An eight-year-old New Bedford girl will sleep better tonight. And so will her grandmother.

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