I may be new to New Bedford, but I'm not a rookie when it comes to navigating the city.

Everyone knows that crossing the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge between boat traffic closings can be pesky. The same goes for anyone using the bridge sidewalk.

The wait is real.

However, did you know about this random hidden set of stairs that brings you to a lower part of New Bedford? Now you do.

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I've been taking my new bike everywhere. I'm thoroughly enjoying exploring my surroundings, taking streets I normally don't take and soaking in the sights I never notice when driving.

While riding home from Fairhaven, I crossed the bridge via the sidewalk. As I approached New Bedford, I was confused to see that the path ended and wouldn't allow me to continue onwards toward the downtown "octopus" intersection.

That's when I discovered the stairs.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Again, this may be old news to lifelong locals, but I thought it was neat. The stairs lead down to MacArthur Drive right by the Crystal Ice loading docks and Norpel Fisheries.

Who knew? Not me.

Although it was a pain in the butt to get back home since I now had to pedal uphill for a longer distance, it was interesting to find such a secluded staircase that probably doesn't get much action. The next time you're in the area, check it out for yourself.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's not exactly a riveting sight, but at least you'll know where it leads.

Take the stairs.

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