New Bedford has been primed for a casino to come to the region for decades. Now, it's finally happening – sort of. The Friends of Jack is hosting a roaring '20s-themed casino night this month, and it is garnering a lot of talk.

Rock the Boardwalk will be hosted by the Friends of Jack Foundation on February 12. The event will take place at the Kilburn Mill at Clark's Cove in New Bedford from 7 p.m. until midnight.

“We decided on this theme because we wanted to do something different. Something that we haven’t already seen down in our area,” said Jill Fearons, President and Founder of the Friends of Jack Foundation. “Killburn Mill played a huge part inspiring the actual theme. We’ve been wanting for a while to do an event there, and when we went to tour it for the first time, the features seemed perfect for this type of party.”

Get ready to dress like a flapper, because the theme is going to be 1920s speakeasy style. This is right up your alley if you enjoy gambling. Players will have the chance to earn Friends of Jack dollars which can be used to enter to win prizes at the end of the night during a live auction and a raffle.

The best part is if you run out of Friends of Jack money, there will be opportunities to buy more and continue your gambling.

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The room will have more than 20 table games including blackjack, roulette, craps, and war.

Hand-rolled cigars will also be offered, and there is a tremendous view of the water from Kilburn Mill's deck. A six-piece band playing both music from the '20s and current hits will be the entertainment.

The menu will be catered by Pranzi, and a complimentary cocktail bar with a signature cocktail being poured all night.

Tickets can be purchased for $250 each by going to

“This is the first time holding this event and usually first-time events don’t make a ton of money,” Fearons said. “However, we have already had a dozen sponsors step up to help fund the event and are nearly sold out of tickets, and so we already know today that we will be able to give a substantial amount back to the community through our program.”

Big thanks to Milestone Mortgage and Toyota of Dartmouth for helping to publicize Rock the Boardwalk.

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