I was honored to be invited today to the E.C. Brooks Elementary School on Nemasket Street in New Bedford today. As part of Kindness Day in New Bedford Public Schools, the children at Brooks decided to paint rocks and place them into a rock garden that was set up in a hallway leading to the cafeteria and the main office.

Jennifer Brooks, the principal at E.C. Brooks Elementary School, invited me to be a part of the festivities.

"That garden is ready. We are just waiting to add your kindness rocks to it. And because we added a rock garden we are bringing in Michael Rock from Fun 107 to read us a book," she added, using a play on my name.

I visit a lot of schools, and I was blown away by how well behaved all of these children were as they were filing into the cafeteria for the assembly. I made sure to mention it to the kids so that they knew their respectful behavior did not go unnoticed. Kindness is clearly the norm at the Brooks School.

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Townsquare Media

New Bedford Public School Superintendent Thomas Anderson declared today to be Kindness Day throughout the district.

"It's very easy to be kind to one another, especially if we're all doing it," said the superintendent. "I don't think anyone really wants to be mean to another person, or be considered a bully."

Mr. Anderson encouraged all students to think about what it means to be kind, about how it feels to be kind to another person, and how it feels when others are kind to you.

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