A deer was shot this morning in New Bedford's South End.  Police believe the buck was walking along Rivet Street at about 8 o'clock this morning when it saw its reflection in a window at the Made Barbers and attacked...jumping through the glass.  The interior walls of the barber shop are covered by mirrors.  Once inside, the deer was further confused after seeing its reflection in the mirrors.

When NBPD arrived, they saw the severely injured deer thrashing around on the barber shop floor, and used a shotgun to put the animal out of its misery.  The deer was removed from the barber shop by Animal Control.  We were told by Animal Control Officer Manny Maciel that the deer was cleared by a contracted company and that he doesn't believe it will be used for meat.  Maciel also told us that the deer meat was used to feed the cougars at the Buttonwood Park Zoo.

When Fun 107 news arrived on the scene, we found the barber shop open...business as usual.  Other than the broken window, the barber shop had only minor damage...consisting mostly of hoof prints on the mirrors.  All broken glass and remains from the deer had been removed.






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