New Bedford and Massachusetts State Police are at Southcoast Condominium on Phillips Road in New Bedford for reports of an armed person inside one of the units.

According to WBSM, New Bedford Police Chief David Provencher said officers on the scene don't believe anyone else is inside the apartment with the armed person.

Police went door to door in the complex telling residents to leave and warning them of the possible danger, also traffic is being diverted from the surrounding area. More on this story as it develops.

Update 7:41pm - Police responded to the scene around 5pm, and according to unofficial reports, a gunman opened fire on police from a nearby building.

A car believed to belong to the suspect has been towed away (above). The suspect also appears to be blocking off windows in a third-floor apartment. .

Traffic on Phillips Rd. and Braley Rd. have been blocked off, and as a safety precaution, police have halted traffic on Route 140 North. Drivers should avoid that area if possible.

Update 9:00pm - The suspect had asked police to back away, and then began to come out of his window. He cut himself on glass, and went back in. After that, he was placed under arrest by the police. Route 140 has been reopened to traffic as well.

New Bedford Police

Update 6:00am - Police have identified the man as 30-year-old John Hernandez. Here's the latest on this story from WBSM.